Welcome to Stoney Creek Arts. I love creating beautiful art to wear for every day and special occasions. I have been making jewelry for many years, progressing from stringing beads on a variety of cords, to fabricating more complex pieces. Presently I love weaving wire using wire of different thicknesses to create a “fabric”, with the thicker wire as the base while the thinner wire is woven over and under in patterns. It’s similar in some aspects to basket weaving but on a much smaller scale.

I’m grateful for the many online and local teachers who have assisted me in transforming my skill level and to whom I am deeply grateful for their teaching abilities. Specifically I need to thank Tracey Bell, a local jewelry artist and teacher. Additionally, I have learned extensively from Sarah Thompson, Lisa Barth, and Nicole Hanna through their books, tutorials and online classes. You’ll see their influence in my designs. Other artists I’ve learned from include Copar Aingeal and Designs by Kaska.  And the most exciting part is that there is always more to learn.